47st Buyers is a New York-based gold buying company. Here’s some information that they wrote about themselves:

Conveniently located in Manhattans Diamond District we pay the best and highest price for your unwanted gold.

Any Conditions (Broken, New, Used, Tangled, Antique, Old)
Any & All Karat (9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K)

Gold Coins, Class Rings, Wedding Bands, Bent & Scrap Jewelry/Tangled Chains/Gold Watches, Earrings/Medals/Gold Pins & Brooches/Scrap Dental Gold/Gold Bracelets, Gold Necklaces, Lockets & Other Gold Jewelry

They appear to be new to advertising online so we have little to no information on them.

2 Reviews for “47stBuyers.com”

  1. Sonia Says:

    I sold my gold items to them and they are very honest and professional in their business practice. They instantly gave me a high offer for my gold jewelry and I told all my friends about them. Hope this helps someone.

  2. D Says:

    Ok i will give this review and be 150% honest. To start off lets say i called to see what my payout would be and i was told that with gold being at 1855 an ounce my gold would be purchased buy albert and sons for 36.19 per pennyweight for 10kt . Now i called them on a friday after the market closed and was told that even on a saturday i would still get my 36.19 per pennyweight. Since im driving from jersey i was also told that i would get free parking validation. Ok so i go there with 22.36 pennyweight of 10kt expecting to receive $809.20 which was offered to me. I waited about 20 minutes before being called in. I pulled out the gold and it was put on a scale then immediatley the guy says $500.00 I said to him that i could get that in jersey. He says that he cant give me what he offered because its saturday and they dont know how the price will be on monday((ok so why are you open saturday to lowball people)). He immediatly just throws my jewelry back at me and said do i want deal or not. I told him the lowest ill go is 800. Bcuz they garaunteed 809.20. He then says 740. Well any ways i negotiated to 775.00. Then i get up and ask for my parking validation and he says he already paid me enough and its a Thousand dollar minimum to get free parking!! How shady is that. Mind you after waiting all that time my parking ends up costing me $23 bucks. So after i leave and start driving home 58 miles away. It dawned on me that they didnt even ask me for Identification. Such a shady place. If you want the most money theres a place called D.A GOLDBUYERS THE DOOR BEFORE ALBERT & SONS, go there they will give you more. Dont let these scumbags rip you off. He will also say how hes running low on money so he can pay that much!! How can anyone fall for this, and dude you have millions, how can you be running low on money? Pure ripoffs. Honestly who jumps from 500 to 740 then 775? Cmon he was hoping i took the first deal he threw at me. DA GOLD BUYERS WILL PAY MORE

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