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Names: Cash4Gold, Cash 4 Gold, Albar Precious Metal Refining, Inc.

Cash 4 Gold has been receiving a huge buzz after the tremendous success they’ve had with their infomercials (and recently their SuperBowl commercial).’s rating

Cash 4 Gold has received a “C” rating from the Better Business Bureau.  They have received many comments from their customers (both positive and negative).  Many of the negative comments are about the amount offered for the scrap gold or jewelry.  Additional comments are about the requirement (stated on Cash 4 Gold’s website) that they keep their customers’ gold for 10 days and then melt it for resale — if the customer does not refuse Cash4Gold’s offer.

Considering the amount they give for scrap jewelry and gold, there are companies that generally pay more. Please see the video review.

12 Reviews for “Cash 4 Gold”

  1. Selina Says:

    I sent in some jewelry, and they are saying they never got it. I sent in expensive jewelry; I want to know if there is a class action lawsuit against this company.

  2. The Hansons Says:

    My husband and I just finished our 1st deal with Cash 4 Gold and are already very pleased with the amount we had received. Actually, the transaction was as simple and quick as stated in the television commercial. I was very impressed–that all my emails were always promptly answered. And at the completion of the transaction, I had one concern and addressed it to the CEO of the company, within 15 minutes (to my surprise), he called me on the phone himself and resolved the issue. That really showed me that this is a company who cares about their customers. I would recommend Cash4Gold to anyone who wants to get rid of unwanted jewelry so that the money can be put to better use. I am now on my 2nd transaction with Cash 4 Gold.
    A & D Hanson

  3. Martin Says:

    This is as close to a scam as you can get without being one.

    Sent in gold appraised at about $150. Got an check for $25. Complained, got my stuff back, but from what I read this is a pattern approach – they’re ripping off people who don’t know any better.

  4. ray billings Says:

    what a scam! I sent in a small bracelet and got completely scammed by them. Called their customer service line and was able to receive my bracelet back.

    The real problem is there are several elderly and non computer-literate individuals that this will take advantage of.

  5. Chris Says:

    I sent in five rings, 5 gold bracelets, and two chains and got 50.00 from cash for gold, i thought it was a little too low so i got it back after 15 days, and took it 30 min. away to a pawn/jewelry shop and they offered me 500.00 i was so shocked i said yes, i didn’t check any other shops but PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR GOLD TO CASH 4 GOLD INSTEAD GO TO A PAWN SHOP AND ASK IF THEY TAKE SCRAP GOLD.


  6. David Anderson Says:

    I sent Cash4Gold an $800 engagement ring (I can verify this with a sales receipt and a jeweler’s appraisal) with the expectation that I would be paid something reasonable for it, I would have even been happy with $200. They sent me a check for $27.94 dated February 20th, 2009 which I received on March 3rd, 2009.

    I was not happy with this amount and called them on March 5th to ask for the ring back. I was told that I was requesting a return past the date when they would refund my item. Apparently, their policy for returns is 10 days after the check is dated. When I informed Cash 4 Gold’s customer service operator that I had received the check 2 days prior they told me that was none of their concern and that they would not refund the ring, nor increase the amount of compensation to me.

    I feel that I have been robbed by this company and I have contacted the Florida State Attorney General’s office for help in shutting down these deceptive business practices. Don’t do business with this company!

    EDITOR’s NOTE: Apparently, Cash 4 Gold may not value diamonds, other “filler” metals, or retail value of the jewelry. They value the melt value of the gold; if there is very little actual gold in the ring, that may have been the problem. As for the 10 days, that is clearly written on their website, but if you called for their gold pack, you should have asked over the telephone.

  7. emma Says:

    My boyfriend gave me 3024.87 worth of gold! we broke up so he left the gold with me and i gave the gold to cash for gold and they ONLY gave me 341.12!!!! 3024.87 $ WORTH OF GOLD!
    I requested to get my money back and I was in awe when the gave it back to me!
    I went to cash for gold USA and they gave me 2,321.78!
    and now im in washington DC!!!

  8. Jack M. Says:

    On the cash for gold website they have a page full of reviews and all the reviews say it was the best place to sell their gold. BUT that’s a LIE! The reality is 100% of their customers were not satisfied and got a horrible deal. DO NOT USE CASH4GOLD.COM. It’s just a scam. Do your research before you sell online. I suggest selling at or at Ebay.

  9. laura Says:

    WHAT A SCAM!!! My family and I are going threw some hardships, like meany people are and I thought and thought about send my jewlery off. And may i add it was hard to part with it, it had sentimental value but I figured my family comes first and I need to feed my girls and pay my bills. So i decided, I’ll send it off it looks like its a good traded.But i sent 5 bracletts 2 with dimonds, 4 earrings with dimonds,3 rings,neckless(2) and recived $25.00… my heart sank, it took 4 weeks to recive and when I called to get my jewlery back, cash 4 gold stated”it was melted down 2 weeks ago. There’s nothing that can be done after the 2 weeks have passed.” I felt so bad that there’s nothing I could do to get my jewlery back. So if there’s some action being taken,lawsuit please e-mail me. People should not be ripped off in a time of need.

  10. Ms. C Says:

    Like everyone else here, I sent Cash 4 Gold 3/4 oz. of scrap gold which I had already been offered around $200 for from a pawn shop. I decided to use them based on their “25% bonus for the holidays” and their commercials stating they paid the highest for gold. Needless to say, when I received a check from them (3 weeks after I sent the package in to them), it was only $35. What a rip off!

  11. Harold Roth Says:

    I sent these crooks 2 1/4 onces of 14k necklaces that should have resulted in a little over 1 once of pure gold and these crooks sent me a big whopping check for $1, that’s right one dolllar. At the time gold was at $1200 an once which they on a wholesale basis I should have gotten at least $600 to $800. So all I have to say is if they sent you a check for $300 your gold was probly worth $10,000. Find a local refinery that a jewler can recommend to sell your jewlery or at least see what a pawn shop offers which I am sure you will get more.

  12. Erin Kelleu Says:

    Sent my gold in the week of christmas and today its feb 23rd and still have not received anything!!! Cash4gold keeps telling me they didn’t receive it and my package is sitting in a florida post office.. they told me this jan 26th!! I called the post office and the automated system tells me “the package is on its way to its destination”… it has been saying that for 3 weeks. I filed a dispute with the post office twice and still nothing has been done. Its a SCAM!!! I want to know if anyone is filing a lawsuit with cash4gold and if its even worth filing one. I just can’t believe after all these sites of people complaining about them that they aren’t shut down and I want to know why they still advertise on tv??

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