(Strike Gold Now)

Names: Cash America, Cash America Pawn, Strike Gold Now, and SuperPawn

Cash America mostly buys gold and other metals or issues pay day loans (cash advances).  Additionally, they have numerous stores across the country.

Cash Advances are almost always a scam.  A high percentage of people that get cash advances cannot keep up with excessive interest.  Cash Advances are also likely to destroy your credit rating (click here to check your credit score).  At this site, we do not recommend ever getting a cash advance.

They also offer pawn loans.  Typically, these are not a horrible idea. The person in need to cash is able to borrow money and as a collateral can be almost anything of value.

They also offer a few other financial services, such as:

  • Pre-paid MasterCard / Visa
  • Pre-paid Calling
  • Check Cashing
  • Western Union®
  • Gold Buying
  • Tax Filing Services
  • Insurance
  • Rebuild Your Credit

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