Cash Net USA is a payday loan provider and is rated on the BBB. Here is some information they have regarding themselves:

Since opening its doors in 2004, CashNetUSA has quickly grown to become one of the online leaders in payday loan services. In 2006, CashNetUSA was acquired by Cash America International, Inc., one of the brick & mortar leaders in short-term lending.

CashNetUSA is not available in all states; they are currently available in over 30. Their approval process is very quick so you can use them. It’s likely they will check your credit during the process.


22 Reviews for “CashNetUSA”

  1. Eric Says:

    CashNetUSA is a very substantial lender. In the realm of short-term and intermediate term lending they are probably one of the best. The effective rate for a 20 week loan is about 50% which is much better than you’d get with a payday lender. Problem is you have to live in Illinois, South Carolina or New Mexico to qualify for an installment loan.

  2. Johanna Says:

    CashNetUSA is the worst. This is the second time I have applied with them and they have messed up (and admitted it) and not deposited the money in a timely manner. If I was not in desperate need of the money. I definitely would not use them.

  3. gloria Says:

    cash net usa is the best payday loan ever thank you cashnstusa

  4. Cindy Says: is a complete scam. They gave all my banking information to outside companies and now my account is being charged for memberships I never signed up for. I am now having to close my bank account because of them. What a scam!

  5. Wade Says:

    Their service may be good (for most). And I see them as rather misleading. Apply for a loan with interest and a substantial fee. In TX a $500 for 30 days $130 and an $1,800 loan for 30 days the fee is $468! Plus interest! Extensions are offered each month, but what they do is just set you up for another loan with fees and interest on the balance! Effective APR is over 300.00% (not a typo) I say it is a racket!! READ the fine print carefully and avoid if at all possible!

  6. Jennie Frederiksen Says:

    You have people calling people that never borrowed money and threating them over the phone to have them serve with papers and have them arrested if they don’t pay. I am one of them and I did pay them for they had me so scared I would go to jail and I’m a lady that is on social sercurity and don’t have alot. Infact I have work partime to make ends meet.

  7. Lewis Says:

    These people have called me and I never borrowed money from them. They have threaten to send me to jail and talk tomy attorney. I called them on their bullshit and told them to send the sheriff with the papers so I can read them. I m on a fix income and would never borrow $420. I told them i will be waiting for them to come. Its nothing but a SCAM!!! and it needs to stop


    I was applying for a loan on the net then decided to not go proceed when all of the sudden i had $30.00 WITHDRAWAN from my bank acount at people’s bank(without my authorization) and i had to pay $38.00 for an overdraft….A few days later i had these MIDDLE EASTERN PEOPLE ACCUSING ME OF MONEY LAUNDERING AND OWING A HUGE LOAN WHICH I NEVER GOT DEPOSITED TO MY ACCOUNT AND MY BANK ENDED UP CONTACTING THEM TO return to my acct. the $30.00 they withdrew. Now i keep getting these harrasing calls from these scammers and i finnally told them i was calling the federal trade commission. DON’T GET CAUGHT UP WITH THESE MIDDLE ESTERNERS WITH AMERICAN NAMES TR4YING TO INTIMIDATE YOU,AND SCARE YOU,S CREW THOSE BASTARDS—THE FBI OR C.I.A SHOULD GO AFTER THEM AND ARREST EVERY SINGLE ONE ,HELL! THEY MIGHT EVEN BE A TERRORIST NETWORK STEALING FUNDS FROM THE HONEST HARD WORKING AMERICAN FAMILIES–SOME -ONE HAS TO BRING THEM DOWN VERY SOON-AND I HOPE WE CAN ALL READ ABOUT THEM OR SEE IT IN THE NEWS.

  9. jennifer Says:

    I did apply for a loan here. But I never received anything, and now they are calling saying I owe them money. If I don’t pay I am going to court, and probably giving them 4000 for the trouble. I don’t know what to do. I know It’s a scam and they keep calling my job and my cellphone. This is ridiculous! This company needs to stop.

  10. Barbara Says:

    I have never borrowed any money from cash net usa but am receiving threatening phone calls from someone claiming that they are with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. This person has a very thick middle eastern accent, says his name is Matthew Williams and is a senior officer. He said that I was supposed to make a payment, supposedly due today, for the loan i took out. He gave me a phone number 518-689-1320 to call back and said that he could take my payment over the phone. I will find out the proper agency to report this to.

  11. Stephanie Kelly Says:

    I have used cashnet usa several times, for both installment and payday loans. They have been nothing but honest and professional. I would highly recommend them.

  12. Tara Says:

    These people are nothing but a scam! They have been calling me and telling me that I owe them $300 for money I borrowed from them. I never would borrow that as I am on a fixed income. They told me that they put the money in my account and I quickly informed them that they never did. This is the same company that was calling me and emailing me several time back in june and I told them then that I never applied for a cash loan. Now they called and told me that they are taking legal acction against me. I told them go right ahead will see who wins this one.

  13. Me Says:

    Haven’t screwed me over…yet.

  14. tammy Says:

    i have recentley recieved a call from and person stating he with cash usa, etc, and states that i took out a loan a few years ago and never paid back the loan… i told him i never borrowed anything,, and he persitant and wanted my info, and say that i will have a judgement on my record and my local police department will be contacted and i will be served with i papers and i need to make payment arrangements with him to stop this clai against me before it gets filed with my local court system..and kept being persistant with a filing number a case number and they have all your information,, right down to your employer.. making you feel like like you need to pay them.

    so i contacted my bank, there has been no deposits from a cash loan for the last 2 years or any deposits of any nature do to a cash loan.. i contacted my local police department.. and they told me its probaly a scam and contact my banking info and credit cards,, ..

    her is a few numbers that the scamers call in on..
    626-587-8934 or 410-834-2822
    his name is brian logan and email is
    and may give a case number that looks sfomething like this
    2090 ca 0099

  15. Kim & Cornelius Says:

    After being caught in the pay day loan trap we happened to discover that CashNet USA is a member of the CFSA and that the CFSA requires them to offer us an extended payment plan (EPP). CFSA rules state that application must be made by the close of business the day before the loan is due. I contacted them within bare minutes before their closing time on the day before it was due. I fully did not expect to make it in time for the current payment, but had hoped to set it up for the following one. Our current payment was an “extension” which basically means that we pay just the interest a portion of the principal and the loan is renewed. The gal I chatted with first said that we were not able to do it for this one but could do it for the next one, at the end of September. I agreed. She then rescinded that statement and said that no, actually we could still do it for the current one because the due date was actually Sept 2nd not Sept 1st. She then set me up for a payment plan for $126 a month for 4 months with the first payment coming out on Sept 2nd. I thought that was just great and was so pleased that it went so smoothly and that they didn’t argue or try to put one over on us or anything. UNTIL the morning of the 2nd when I looked at my bank account online and BOTH payments were pending. I contacted them immediately and they said it was an error and to fax our statement to them. I faxed them a screenshot and later in the day heard back from them that they needed an actual statement instead, but by then it was too late in the day to obtain that. So on Tuesday (after Labor Day) we went to the bank and got an actual statement reflecting the double payment. We sent that to them and then they came back with their idea that I had agreed to making both payments, and that the EPP is for the following loan which wasn’t even going to be due until Sept 29th. At this point I am very displeased with this company that obviously endulges in bait & switch deceptive practices. Run run run away from them and do not ever take out a loan with these people!

  16. Jeffrey coventry Says:

    I have. Used cashnetusa several times & they have deposited my loans every time & l had financial problems ‘& they were understanding & helped me work out a payment arrangements that suited my budget! I feel that they are very professional about their buisness & will use them ever time that I’m in a crisis! And would recommended them to anyone!

  17. Sara Says:

    I have been taking money out with cash net for the last two years……beyond the fact that I owe more because of interest, they seem to be quite a good company…..

  18. JJ Says:

    I have been dealing with this company for years and they have been very honest and understanding every step of the way. They are the number one payday lender on the internet.

  19. linda Says:

    why does cash net require you to put 200 on a green dot card before you get your loan Is this a scam?

  20. Dean Says:

    Cashnetusa scammed my fiance and I out of $180.00
    They are a total fraud.

  21. Crystal Says:

    Hi i have a question. I took out a loan through cash net usa and ive run into bit of trouble paying them back. They want me to pay alot out of each of my checks and i had been out a couple days for heart issues. And im a single mother. Will they work with me and give me a smaller payment to make instead of such a lump amount.

  22. Leon Says:

    Good looking scam got my wife for 300 not about to loose everything thanks for kicking us when we’re down

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