Names: Get Gold Cash, GCC
Phone: 877-909-GOLD

Get Gold Cash has been endorsed by Mark Spitz. They are also BBB members.

ABC did a report of Get Gold Cash as well as Dollars 4 Gold and Cash 4 Gold.  It was found that Get Gold Cash did pay the most.  However, read the following quote from ABC:

Get Gold Cash sent a check for $206, and later raised its offer to $275.

If you do decide to go with this company, we recommend that you call the company and reject their first offer.  They’ll likely increase their original offer.

Here’s a list of the items says they accept:

  • 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k, 22k, & 24k Gold
  • Gold Pins/Brooches
  • Old scrap gold
  • Bent/Broken Jewelry
  • Unwanted Jewelry
  • Diamonds
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Class Rings
  • Cluster Rings
  • Platinum
  • Sterling Silver
  • Swiss Watches
  • Estate jewelry
  • Antique Items
  • Coins
  • Collectibles
  • Vintage Items
  • Dental Gold

Get Gold Cash Commercial:

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  1. JJ Says: ripped ,e off do not send them your gold!!! my email is … Im going to sue these people for stealing my silver I have sent 10 emails and called them with no reply, no one even picks up the phone. Customer service is non existant , they are just pocketing all of it!! DO NOT SEND TO ANYONE ONLINE FOR YOUR PRECIOUS METALS!!!

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