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I hope and believe that each one of you might come across the advertisement of on the television. They are offering a service of mail in aid of your old jewelry which is an out dated for you. And in turn, they will send to you a higher amount for that in check. At first sight, a thought came to my mind as to how many would get lost their valuable things. For instant, everyone will know that a mail package for GoldKit is valuable and they would at least be tempted to grab away. In the second place I though they would at least offer me something on the basis of my valuable thing which I don’t value or no use for me anymore. Upon the thing, you don’t want to be ripped off. However, after completing three consecutive services I acknowledged that they are reliable, because they are faster in sending your check, and until your check is cashed, the transaction is uncompleted.

It seems, they have sold your particles to private consumer or sending them to the pawn store and get buy a bigger varied items. These people are also a coworker of in terms of jewelry pieces and any other items that Goldkit do not touch. Their site is accessible since it is easy use, so you can made any of your request concerning mailing any items to GoldKit through federal express, UPS or DHL.

“,” a corporate service

GoldKit is such service that will buy your discarded or old jewelry particles. But when I notice their advertisement for the first time, I was quite negative as to who will buy those debris bangles or the pieces of necklaces? Nevertheless, to my amaze I know the truth; that is if you happen to go to any pawnshop with those of your items, they are ready to buy them with low price together with fees! Further, Goldkit will never charge you upon evaluating your items. So, the only thing you need to do is just ask for mailer then fill the necessary and mail to them again. There after, they will evaluate the sent items, set the match price and cut a check for you.

In my case, the first particles I sent to them was a heavy ring gold from my dressing room along with diamonds, and it was just a stripped off rings. Before hand I just took to gold shop and it was just mock for they offer me only $35.00. Again, the pawnshop reminds me that it might worth $25.00, oh! what a bigger joke it was. At last, I sent these to GoldKit, my goodness! Within four days, I have received a check of about $67.00. And the second items I have sent to them were pieces of shortened gold chains, the bracelets links which I removed and my ends and odds. Out of my imagination, I was shock to receive a check of $112.00. This in case, I would have got only a 3rd of what Goldkit had offered to me, if I had taken them to any jeweler or gold shop. So, GoldKit suffice my desire need and I don’t even reject or send it back the check.

In order to go straight to the free request page of mailer, there is no such obligation or requirement. So, here is the site just visit URL: This will have a code for bar within, reasonably to tracked out from the beginning to the end and you will be receiving the check within a short span of time. If

you once filled the paperwork and then mail to them your items, the next time they will be sending a check within few days after being received and have evaluation upon your sent items. They are such type of toughest mailers I have ever contacted in my life, so you don’t need to worried about falling apart of your envelopes or being unsecured.

Guarantee of satisfaction

I have a desire to explain this in short but sweet and explicit form as to how this procedure works. In case, you are not please with the check you have receive from GoldKit sending after certain evaluation done upon your items, you can send it back the check to get back your particles. Because, they don’t do anything to your sent items until the lap of ten days from the day they have dispatch your check. There will be enough time for you to consider about the amount you have received as in check, since it get to you within no longer time. In addition, if you are not satisfy with the amount offer to you, can just mail them the check back, and they will send you back your sent items without charge. Preferably, do this with your personal confirmed-signature.

Things they buy

You might wonder about what things I can mail to them; in such case visiting their site is the best source to grasp every detail because they provide an explicit explanation. There on you can determine things to be sent and not to be sent. Further, they are also link with other site like that buys particles like diamonds, jewelry and watches. This site will help you to show the require items if you don’t found them in GoldKit. However, GoldKit is buying any sorts of gold, anything like pendants, earrings, necklace, pins, charms, and coins. Even they are entertaining those of your dental pieces like flats, partials, bridges, and casting or cap. They might also welcome your blink to examine so you can send to them the grills you have with you if you want them to be sold. They will also take few of platinum however; they will somehow purchase foil, crucibles, rings shanks, and wire.

Of course, you might go to a goldsmith or jeweler in your locality and might get ballpark amount, also they will try to low ball you anyhow and they will said to you that metals scrap are not all that worth now. At anytime the prices of silver, gold, and any other precious metals will be changing. For this reason, you are offering enough time to receive or decline your paid amount within ten days. And you will be tough to receive a specific amount of dollar for your particles in the website.

You might be required to read thoroughly the site from the beginning to the end before sending anything in from your side. Those of the items I had sent to them were unwanted and broken items which are already no use for me, and of which the local buyers offer me a very low price. I am certain and I do know that I can even return the check sent to me by GoldKit if I don’t agree with their offer. Therefore, it is not something like you are in a dungeon of transaction.

In case of submitting those questionable particles or any valuable items, GoldKit might need additional or further information from your side. GoldKit is dealing with people fairly, for instant, you are sending to them any unacceptable items, and suspicious or to be stolen items they will definitely send them back to you. The service need only those items of which you are the true owner, and to involve in this service you are required to attain at least your 21 year.


I have had contact with them in three consecutive transactions and there was no problem in fact. They will sent you your own check within a short span of time in which they are offering you the average match prices on your varied items, and have extensive service to partner you on the things they don’t purchase. Actually, I was a little bit doubtful to them at first sight, but after my first dispatch, all these types of fears of being robbed seem departed from me. The payout amount is unpredictable since the marketing value of silver and gold are vary time to time. So, one can only know the price of anything after the check is arriving to that particular person. However, from my experience, I had received much higher amount of what the local jeweler or gold store offer to me. I assure you that there is nothing like losing anything in sending your valuable items to GoldKit, for you can even return the offer amount if are not satisfy with it.

Further, there is no such restriction for you to accept any payout, rather you are free to decline and try it next time. Of course, they will not offer you an amount that will make you rich, rather they are offering you a higher amount compare to your local places.

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