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GoldRush is marketed by Steve Wilkos (TV Talk Show Host). Gold Rush is a Better Business Bureau Accredited gold buying business also known as XC Holdings, LLC.

According the BBB, the company has only had 2 complaints that were closed after being “resolved.” On their “What We Pay” page they only show the market value of gold, and have this disclaimer under the chart:

*This chart is for illustration purposes only. The amount paid for your gold will be determined by Gold Rush in its sole discretion according to current market standards.

We have not received any complaints about Gold Rush Now at this point of time.

Below, is their contact information:

Business Address: 4461 Tanbark Street
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Customer Contact:
Les Gold, Partner
Phone Number:
(248) 219-9331
(888) 446-9787
Email Address:

8 Reviews for “Gold Rush/”

  1. Lisa Martinez Says:

    Just got my email from Talk to someone there on Friday who said the four gold coins were worth around $90.00 each. Sent over two ounces of gold, and Diamonds. Said they would deposit 213.38 in my checking account. I can’t belioeve they did this. I called them back, and told them I wanted my gold back. If I don’t get it, I will contact every news chanel in the country, and will post it all over the internet.

  2. Robert Ferguson Says:

    Had appraisal locally,they offered me 185.00 but I seen the commercial and decided to try their 20% guarantee.So today they send me an email saying they were going to give me $79.20 boy was I pissed.I called them and when the guy got on the phone I stopped the guy speaking and told him I had taken the jewelry to my Local Jewelery shoppe here in Monroe MI and they were going to give me 185.00 on the spot!He says “was that an appraisal” and I said no and he immediately tells me he will give me 190.00,I took it but I’m pissed off that Steve Wilkos would endorse these scammers,I like Steve and I’d like to find a way to tell him about these people.I even sent an email afterwords, here is what was said.
    Me-Well after the low ball price I hope you are going to keep your word of “reassessment” of 190.00.Goldrush-Mr. Ferguson,

    Thank you for contacting The Gold Rush Family. A direct deposit will be issued today in the amount of $190.00. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank You,
    Here is what they first tried to do to me-Dear Robert Ferguson,

    Thanks again for putting your trust in Gold Rush. We’ve authorized a direct deposit payment of your cash settlement of $79.20.

    Most direct deposit payments appear within one business day, however the timing depends on your bank as stated in the Gold Rush Now Terms and Conditions.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


    The Gold Rush Family


  3. Claire Santangelo Says:

    I sent you a pkg about 2 weeks ago containing six gold rings and six gold earings……..have you received my pkg….I’m starting to get nervous that somebody has scammed me big time…………….nobody seems to know whats going on………………….

  4. Derek Smith Says:

    I had a great experience with Gold Rush. I sent in two old gold bracelets. My local jeweler told me they were worth about $190.00. Next thing I know, I got a direct deposit for $320.00 from Gold Rush. I called them to say thank you, and the lady on the phone was as nice as could be. I just mailed them a ring yesterday. I can’t wait to see what I get this time!

  5. Rob Herrera Says:

    I ordered the kit cuz they said it was free and forgot about it until I got this email saying I could get extra 10% payout. I took my class ring and one old chain to a jewler down the street from me and he said he’d give me $140. The chain was pretty long so I sent it to gold rush for a quote. They sent me a check for $198, much more then the guy down my block and free shipping.

  6. Kerry Gehlert Says:

    I sent my gold to gold rush now over two months ago.They said they would send it back but never have and wont answer my e.mails.Thank you for your time.

  7. Calvin Says:

    They dont have a good customer service and they don’t even answer how much will they pay you for the jewelries you sent. I advise you not to go to this company cause they will just screw you over!

  8. jessie james Says:

    had three rings appraised at 54$ sent to company for extra 20% plus 50$ gift according to commercial sent check for $5.20 requested rings back got to follow fine print,but they did return my gold just remeber if sounds too good too be true then it probally is scam as far as pay out goes,but follow thier rules and they have to return by law thier disclaimer

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