Money 4 Gold (also known as Money4Gold Holdings Inc. [OTCBB: MFGD]) has recently been involved in a number of acquisitions:

…it [Money 4 Gold] has acquired a leading competitor, MGE Enterprises Corporation d/b/a My Gold Envelope, through a share exchange with the privately-held Wyoming corporation`s shareholders. (Source)
…has announced the acquisition of in exchange for undisclosed consideration. The purchase of, which had no prior relationship with Money4Gold Holdings Inc., will provide the company with immediate presence throughout Canada. With this acquisition, Money4Gold Holdings Inc. becomes an international market leader in the consumer-based cash for precious metals space and is now serving Canadian consumers through the website (Source)

To decide whether or not you should trust Money 4 Gold is to look at some of the reviews for MyGoldEnvelope. There are many mixed reviews about the company. These are all the names we have that they go by: MyGoldEnvelope, SobreDeOro, Dollars4Gold, Money4Gold UK, and EuroFuerGold.

17 Reviews for “Money 4 Gold”

  1. sajeed khan Says:

    I was not happy with the offer because before i sent it to money4glod it was valued at over 400 pounds they offered me 62 pounds only i have sent them the check back it has been a month now i have not recieved anything yet I iPxxxxxxd off

  2. mel Says:

    i sent my check back 2 weeks ago and i have rang them everyday and no answer to see where my jewellery is this has to be stopped and we should get are things back or the moneys worth

  3. Kate Says:

    I sent my gold las week and have not heard anything back. The telephone number is just an american voive telling me that they are not open. This message is played constantly so you cannot speak to anyone – I am reportin them to trading standards

  4. Donna Says:

    I would not recomend this company MONEY4GOLD to anyone after sending them my gold on 16-9-09 then returning the cheque they offered me £171.00 for items that were valued over £500.00 on 22/9/09 recorded delivery which they rec 23/9/09 I have an elctronic signature proof.
    I have received nothing I have called nad called I have sent 3 emails THIS IS A SCAM PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM

  5. Kathy Says:

    I sent my jewelry to them valued at over 300 pounds on the 14/09/09 only to receive a cheque of 21.50!! which I sent back the same day via recorded delivery. They received the cheque on the 21/09/09 but to date I have not received my jewelry back. I have phone everyday and left messages – not one returns them. I have emailed them almost everyday – no reply from them. I have now contacted Trading standards as well as Watchdog. Money4Gold have in effect stolen my jewelry and by all accounts the police should be involved here. I am not the only one – look on forum! I dont know how to retrieve my items as there is no way of contacting them. This is a scam!! and should be held accountable – we should get our jewelry back or be compensated for it. I also looked on Google Earth at their address and it looks like an abandoned farm!

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Do not under any circumstances use this firm i had some financial worries as i had just had major operation and thought selling my jewellry would help. They sent me a cheque for £18.50 which I am sending back today the smallest piece of jewellry cost more than that.Their adverts are an absolute con.

  7. maria Says:

    money for gold the BIGGEST SCAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!hope that people ho need money will not use this scam company.they will take your gold but not give u a resonable amount and after u send the check back they will not contact u soo their stilling your gold!they have a different number for customer service and you can only talk to a robot.i’m planing to sue.scam company!!!!!!!DO NOT USE MONEY 4 GOLD!

  8. Sue Says:

    I sent my gold off to Money4Gold – they paid me £150. After a very long drawn out process in which I ended up threatening legal action I got my items returned – it took nearly a month. I went to a great place in Birmingham called Lois Jewellery and sold the same items for £1,003. Money4Gold also tried to steal 30g of gold off me which they said was “non-precious” – this wasn’t true, it was all gold. They were also going to pay me the same price for 18ct as they were offering for 9ct. Nightmare to get through to on the phone, never received a response to emails. The key when dealing with them is to be a complete pain, demand to speak to managers and threaten legal action to get your items returned. Keep a record of every call you make as evidence. I have since contacted trading standards and have been speaking to a BBC reporter about them – they need stoppping!! DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR ADVERTISING, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SEND ANYTHING TO MONEY4GOLD.

  9. sal Says:

    Sent my jewellery to Money4Gold. 47 grammes to be exact, worth approx £350 scrap. Eventually received a cheque for the sum of £71 and thought it was a joke. Rang them immediately, to say I was returning the cheque.(which cost me £4.95, for next day special delivery). They doubled, the offer like they always do, I refused. That night, I read all the disturbing reviews about them not returning jewellery and was very concerned. The following morning, Money4Gold rang me and offered me £250.34, I refused at first then thought about not getting my jewellery back. Therefore, I feel I was forced into accepting a much lower price. I emailed comsumersdirect. Trading Standards are now involved and I hope these ‘robbers’, will get exposed for what they REALLY are.

  10. phillip Says:

    still waitting for my goods to be returned now four weeks.

  11. Mojo Says:

    I too was scammed and wish I had read the appauling reviews first. They are unlawfully holding my £350 worth of gold despite me returning their cheque the same day. No effort on my part can get my gold back. Their so-called guarantee is completely worthless and I am taking this up with Trading Standards and Watchdog, I encourage others to do the same and also to contribute widely to the online forums.

  12. wendy Says:

    I sent in a mans and ladies gold watch 2 gold rings 2 charms rope chain neclace on the 23/09/ 09 and was sent a insulting cheque of £30.00 on the 01/10/09 so same day after ! hour of ringing and finely
    getting through,I told them that I wanted my gold back and that I was sending the cheque back to them on the 02/10/09, I was then offerd
    another £30.00 which I declined, they said they would send my gold back to me straight away but it would take 10 days not inc weekends
    so I waited 10 days and nothing came so on the 17/10/09 I rang up yet again and again it took ages to get through, when I got through I had to explaine the situation,only to be told that nobody has released my gold,
    and Its still in the refinery, and that they will get it released as soon as possible and I’d have to wait 10 days yet again,so again I waited
    and on the 6/11/09 still no gold.
    So again trying to ring on the9/11/09 and finely getting through
    being told again my gold was not yet released and that they would release it in 15 days,well you can imagine how angry I was I told them
    that I wanted my gold back did alot of shouting and threatened to take out legal action against them.
    On the 10/11/09 I went to my Solicitors and paid them to write a letter
    threatning them with the police and trading standards,
    money 4 gold received the letter the next day and sent my gold back
    by the 18/11/09 it’s amazing how quick they can move when they get a legal letter in the post.
    So all you out there keep percervering and don’t give in.

  13. Richard Says:

    What an absolute joke, rip-off and 100% scam!! I had my gold valued at a pawnbrokers before I sent it to money4gold, and the pawnbrokers offered my £211. Considering the fact that money4gold were offering an extra 30% if you send it before Christmas I thought it would be worthwhile.

    Imagine my surprise when I received a cheque for £85.60.

    These sites and companies should be closed down by the government, they do nothing more than take financial advantage of people who are quite obviously in need of money.

  14. barbara Says:

    On 20th November I also sent my gold (3 bangles 2 rings and a necklace) to money4gold and was sent a cheque for £99.14 a few days later I phoned the same day to tell them I had returned their cheque by recorded delivery and would like them to return my property I was asked how much I was expecting and I said a lot more than they had offered as the bangles alone were worth twice that. I have made several telephone calls and sent several emails but as yet have not recieved my gold. can someone suggest what I do next to recover my gold.

  15. Stephanie Crowther Says:

    I am a journalist investigating this company and would be grateful if anyone who has a complaint would contact me directly on

  16. celia Says:

    i stupidly sent of my gold aswell, havent recieved the cheque yet tryed to send them a email to find out where my cheque is, HOWEVER there email does NOT work.. nor dus the phone number provided. so theres no way to even contact the people. i feel like such a fool. just glad what i sent of wasnt worth as much as what others have lost. wise lesson learnt!

  17. the truth Says:


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