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Site:, is one of the top gold, silver, and platinum exchange websites online. It was famous for it endorsement from Anthony Sullivan (late night TV pitchman).

According to the Better Business Bureau, My Gold Envelope has a very low rating. The company no longer has BBB accreditation.

How much will My Gold Envelope give you? Read the reviews below.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    Just two days after I had turned in the envelope, I was so excited to see the money that had been deposited into my PayPal account–$203.05! My experience with My Gold Envelope was great!

  2. Tos Says:

    Not sure what’s going on here, but I mailed my envelope over 4 weeks ago, and haave not heard back from them. I tried tracking online, their site says my envelope has not been received. So is USPS a thief? Quite possible, but not sure what’s happened….and MyGoldEnvelope is not responding to my enquiries.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Sorry to hear that. Did you try calling them over the phone?

  3. abastesuche Says:


  4. Annoyed Says:

    My husband and I sent 2 expensive gold chains, and although requested to be emailed for a paypal deposit… we received a check many days later instead…. A check that is for $24…. You couldn’t even buy 2 FAKE chains for $25…. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH MY LOUSY GOLD ENVELOPE!!!!!

  5. Sierra Says:

    My gold envelope is a great company! I love their customer service agents, and I got a lot of money back for what I sent in. I read the article where it stated that MGE has had 20 complaints with the BBB, but 20 out of THOUSANDS of people is very minimal. Also: I’m willing to bet that 90% of the people who sent in those complaints didn’t read the terms and conditions on the back of the letter they received. Personally, I don’t think that makes MGE a bad company, I think that makes the people who don’t read the legal terms to find out what they’re getting into morons (I’m sorry, but if you’re sending your gold in the mail without reading the entire letter front and back, you are.) Besides, the company guarantees that if you’re not satisfied with your payout, they’ll send your stuff back to you free of charge. You just have to call within 7 days of the printed date on your check. I think it’s a great program. I made a lot of money and I think that they’re a very honest company just trying to survive and help people in today’s economy.

  6. Kacy Says:

    My Gold Envelope took forever just to tell me they couldn’t sell my jewelry, than said I’d have to pay $15 shipping to get it back!

  7. freda stephenson Says:

    hello ms. freda stephenson [Information Removed] jewerly shipment on 6/23/2009 is there an check exchange or is just another rip off contact at fredastephenson [at] yahoo [dot com]

    EDITOR’S NOTE: You shouldn’t post so much personal information about yourself online. I took the liberty to remove parts of the review. Please contact me and I can delete or edit the review entirely.

  8. kwan Says:

    I sent my gold in about three weeks ago and still haven’t heard a thing from this company!!! I can’t track it online and trust me, when I call they are going to get an ear full!! If they so much as THINK of charging me to get my gold back you can BET I’m raising h—. Lets try being honest in your advertisements folks…. 24hrs… I think not! “Simply return the check to get your gold back”? — well, we shall see!!

    EDITOR’S NOTE: After you call them, please write a complete review on that too.

  9. LC Says:

    BIG Scam, I sent in my gold only to be told that they received the envelope EMPTY, and oh by the way your S.O.L.Please save your gold and personaly take it to a jewelry store to sell.

  10. Ruth Wiseman Says:

    I have used both www.mygoldenvelpoe and and I have to say both company’s were good buy paid me a lot more and I had a check with in 15 days compaired to 24 day with my gold envelope. This was just my experience.


  11. Sam Worrall Says:

    I am very pleased to have found this review of the services covered here. And as I expected its far better to contact a dealer direct, building a relationship with an independent buyer gets a much better price in my experience here in the UK.
    We are inundated with the rolling adverts for this service but like many in the USA once people look more deeply they find a number of issues that make one take a second look.
    It might be an idea for the companies trading across the atlantic to have comparisons in service and prices, one thing that I personally find is if a company is USA based then the deal we get in the UK is at best poor, we have a term called Treasure Island traders where they claim its the distance from the USA that causes the almost halving of value making the UK up-to 5 times more expensive at times.
    Great site and one i am going to recommend to all my friends and clients.

  12. M Roberts Says:

    Don’t even bother. You cannot control your property once you have sent the envelope. USPS track # does mean nothing.
    I wasn’t expected to get like $100, but at least $50 to $80. I got $27 from 3 gold rings. One of rings were cost $700 heavy solid gold ring. If you are ready to exchange for lunch and drink, do it. Just because they were my previous marriage rings, I am able to let it go.

  13. Stacy S. Says:

    I weighed my gold and used online calculators to determine the raw gold value of my items was about $400. Assuming a 25% processing fee, I expected a return of $300. MyGoldEnvelope sent me a check for $86.51. NOT ACCEPTABLE, so I immediately called and requested my items be returned. They agreed to return the items and then asked how much I expected to receive. I said $300. They then made a “special offer for an extra $89 (total of $176). I refused. They then “spoke with their manager” who increased the total offer to $259.54. Not quite the $300 I was expecting, but I accepted. After waiting 2 weeks for the check, I called them and was told there was a computer error and my check had never been mailed. After waiting another 2 weeks, I finally received the full amount. I WOULD NOT USE THEM AGAIN, OR RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE.

  14. tammy Says:

    I sent in my old broken gold and sent it in over 2 weeks ago and I still have not got my check.Sent in a lot of gold.Tried calling and an e-mail big rip off. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    VERY UNHAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Robert Says:

    This company is a JOKE I mailed my gold contents back in August the package was lost I filed a claim with USPS postal service however I do not know if the package is insured through USPS even though MGE states your package is insured for $500 I am now getting screwed around by CS agents from this company and a manager/supervisor will not return my call…I am reporting them to the BBB and State Attorney Generals office and filing complaints for FRAUD this company is DO NOT DEAL WITH !!!

  16. Kathryn Says:

    I sent my gold and was supposed to get the money in my paypal account but received a check for a lousy $24. I immediately called and requested my gold back and was told to send the check so I did that very day. When the gold did not arrive I called again and was told it was being shipped that week but it never came. I was then told it was “accidentally” melted down and to put in a claim form. I did and it’s been 9 months and I have resent the claim form 2 times and still no one will contact me and I cannot seem to get through on the phone. DO NOT USE THEM. THEY ARE A RIP OFF!

  17. Robert Says:

    UPDATE – I called MGE headquarters in Ft Lauderdale, FL on 12-4-08 and was told to file a claim form and that the USPS does NOT cover your lost package. I completed and faxed copy of claim form on 12-8-09 and have not heard anything or received my $100 they claim to send you for which MGE is liable if package is lost in transit up to $500 if you had your stuff appraised and documented prior to sending your gold to them. I keep trying to call Ft Lauderdale and no one picks up the phone and no awnsering machine…go figure a solid business as they claim and no voicemail or awnsering machine WHAT A F’N JOKE I am waiting till after the holiday then I am contacting FT Lauderdale Police Department and filing a complaint for Internet Fraud/Scams and deff. will be contacting FL state attorney general and adding another complaint with the BBB to their already 20 customer complaints received this year DO NOT DEAL WITH MGE THEY WILL ROB YOU !!!

  18. Shelly Says:


  19. linda Says:

    They ripped me off. I was told at license jewerly store that my gold was worth $2,500. I got $75.00. I contacted them and they said that will send me my gold back if I sent them the check back. I did. one month later nothing. Finally after contacting them repeatly they said they never recieved my check so they assumed I changed my mind and melted my gold. I am going to sue My Gold Envelope for all my gold I send. I video taped what the jewerly owner say so I will get my mind back.

  20. April Says:

    The BBB needs to do something about My Gold Envelope! They ripped me off. I sent a gold ring worth $5,000. And got a check fo $47.00. My Gold Envelope are scam artist. If the govt or the BBB do not something soon then they are probably in this scam too.

  21. Rachel Gill Says:

    I sent in a gold band, two gold chains, a thick gold bracelet, and a cross,
    I was expecting at least $300 to 400 dollars, and they sent me a check
    for $69.00 This Company is a rip off do not do business with them.
    I wish I had not sent my gold to them,I sent my gold in during the month
    of December in which they advertise they send you 30% more for your gold. They also are a rip off because, they send you your envelope to put your gold in to send to them with in three days,from their company,
    however, it takes three to four weeks to get your check back. Then the find print states that if you are not satisfied with your check you can return it for a full refund, with in ten days of the date on the check, WELL
    this is one of their scams, my check was dated 12/22/2009 I received it 12/29/2009, there was no way I could get my checked mailed back to them and they have it within ten days of the date, when I did not receive it until nine days after the date. THEY ARE A RIP OFF,The Government needs to close them up, and put the owners in jail in my opinion. They are making a lot of money off poor people selling their gold, and should be held accountable. I hope the Government steps in and makes them pay the people what the gold was really worth plus the extra 30% they advertised. MYGOLDENVELOPE is a rip off and should be held accountable, they owe me more money for my gold, and the extra 30% they promised, maybe they will read this review and see their mistake and mail me another check and an apology.

  22. charles Says:

    I sent my envelope back over three weeks ago and nothing. Tried using their tracking number and all they put up is they sent the envelope to me. Thieves and liars are good terms for these folks. If and when I ever hear from them I will change my comment if warranted. Otherwise they just take advantage of people already in a bad situation. But GOD will deal with each and everyone of them in his own way. Are you listening MGE.

  23. charles Says:

    Thieves and liars.

  24. rhiannon Says:

    mge is the biggest scam ever!!!!!! please don’t trust them and get totally ripped. my envelope “supposedly” got there empty they gave me the run around for 6 months. did everything they told me to do they said “5 months later” my check for my loss was in the mail called 4 different times says maybe mail slow cuz of xmas. call back and they say my claim was never approved and has been denied they are the biggest liars. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS GOD IS WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jon Says:

    I sent in my gold a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. It is now January sixth. The MGE website says”Use our postage-prepaid mailing kit to send in your broken or unwanted gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metal jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, etc.), coins, estate pieces, flatware
    and other items and we will send a check out to you within 24 hours of appraising your package”…. I think the people at MGE are scam artists. How the hell long does it take to make an appraisal? Jerks.

  26. Lois Says:

    My Gold Envelope is a fraud!! I sent them my wedding set and a watch and received a check for $6.53! Enclosed with the check was a letter stating that if I was unhappy with the amount to return the check to have my gold returned to me. I returned the check the same day! Called back about a month later when my gold hadn’t been returned to me only to be told that the check was received (within the alloted time mind you) but my gold had already been melted because I didn’t call first to notify them that I would be returning the check. The letter I received said nothing about calling first. The rep that I spoke with was very argumentative and combative with me on the phone telling me that it was my fault because I didn’t read the “terms and conditions” which stated I had to call first. I was even denied the right to speak to supervisor. So now I am without my gold and without any money as well! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They obviously DO NOT care about the customer – ONLY THEMSELVES! They are theives and deserve to be punished!!!

  27. Kristen Says:

    My Gold Envelope and Dollars for Gold are the same company with the same complaints. I would not recommend sending your gold to either of them.

  28. star Says:


  29. Clair Says:

    You guys are right. They are such a scam!!!! I sent my gold to them on Jan 19, 2010 and I haven’t received anything yet. When I called them and inquired about my package 2 days ago, I was told that they hadn’t received it yet. I had already tracked it on the USPS website and when I told them that the USPS website indicated that they received it Tuesday, they said, “Owe, it makes a stop at another location before it gets to us!” That is a bunch of bull! I am dying to see how much they are planning to pay me. I sent in lots of chains, earrings and rings worth lots of money given to me by my ex-husband. I took a picture of everything before I sent the package in. (Make sure you do that prior to sending valuables to any company). Their commercial makes it seems like everything is a such a smooth care-free process, but trust me, it’s not that way at all.

  30. Robert Says:

    Finally after filing (2) seperate BBB complaints against MGE in both Wyoming and Florida. I was contacted by MGE a week later stating they sent me a “satisfaction of release” form in the mail which I never got wonder why ? anyways they emailed me the form through attachment which I signed and dated and emailed them back on 1-27-10 and faxed them a signed copy and WoW wouldn’t you know it yesterday 2-4-10 I got a check from them for $100 as per their guarantee if package was lost so August 2009 till now (6 months) later I can finally say my issue with MGE is resolved and I encourage anyone with problems to drop complaints on them with the BBB in Wyoming and Florida which as a business I believe they are required by law to respond to a consumers BBB complaint.

  31. Rich Says:

    This place is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

    Do not, under any circumstances, send your gold or silver to this place.

    I sent my gold and silver scrap to them 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything from them. When I go to track the package online at their website, it says that the serial # is wrong.

    I am going to follow Robert’s advice and file a complaint against MGE with the BBB.

    How is this place allowed to rob people? Isn’t this illegal?

    Once again, DO NOT SEND YOUR GOLD OR SILVER TO THIS PLACE. It is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Kate Says:

    Stay away from this company.

    They take a long time to deliver you a check, and when it finally comes, it is way undervalued.

    If you try to get your gold back, they drag their feet. This company is run by crooks.

  33. Paula Says:

    I sent my gold and silver in around January 10th, 2010.

    After 4 weeks they sent me this measly check for $19.69.

    The letter says if I’m not happy to return the check within 10 days of the date on the check which is February 5, 2010. Today is February 10, 2010. That gives me only five days to return the check.

    With as long as it took for them to even receive my jewelry, about three weeks, I guess I can forget that.

    Also I made the mistake of not having it appraised and photographed first. So filing a lawsuit would do me no good at all.

    I would like to see an attorney step forth and file a class action lawsuit against this establishment. I’d be the first to sign up. Even if I didn’t get any money at least maybe these people would be forced to stop ripping people off.

  34. Denzil Dowden Says:

    These people are a the worst company ever i send in my gold chains about 4 months ago and i still didnt get any thing back from the people i check th e tracking site and they said it did not get to them yet they are a bunch or rip off

  35. Vickie Says:

    I sent in a Raymond Weil watch marked 18K gold – they say it has no precious metals in it so perhaps it is gold plated but they are saying I have to pay them to get it back because it’s costume jewelry. I don’t think I should have to pay to get back my watch when I did follow their terms and sent in an item that was marked 18K – there must be some value to it if it is marked and it was an expensive watch. I would never do business with them again.

  36. Tracy Says:

    I think this company was great. I was initially not happy with the amount of my check, so I called customer service. They were pleasant, and offered me a lot more. They did what they had to do to make sure I was satisfied, waving refinery fees and offering me a double G guarantee. I got the money I expected and it was very convenient. Of course I did thoroughly follow the Terms & Conditions and also called customer service to verify any questions I had before I sent my items in. I recommend this company to anyone looking to get rid of unwanted or broken jewelry.

  37. Tracy Says:

    Very pleased

  38. GoldAssistant Says:

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced. A customer service agent will be happy to help you resolve your issue. Please call us at (800) 973-3996 anytime between 9am and 8pm EST Monday through Friday or email us at

  39. Megan Jones Says:

    what a pile of BS their ad is from start to finish!! firstly within 48 hours It too 5 weeks to get a responce, Then for $150 earrings they sent me a mere $2.74 yes that’s two dollars and change!!! You can’t even get a happy meal for that these days.
    I sent the check back very displeased to say the least and only just now (6 weeks after that) get a call to tell me that they’d already melted my earrings and according to them the rest of what I’d sent was gold plated so they threw it away! If if it was gold plated which I honestly would not know if it was useless they should’ve sent it back!! But for all I know it was real and they have robbed me to appologize they’re sending me back $5.98!! what a rip off their ad was a lie from start to finish! I wish I’d have gone to a pawn shop I’d have gotten real $$ for my earring and my pins and other things they said are worthless if that’s true I would’ve at least gotten them back. Or a bigger chunk of $$ now I got enough to buy a couple of milkshakes lucky me!!

  40. Jim White Says:

    I have tried three different online companies so far and My Gold Has been the only one that truly pays top dollar and pays in a timely fashion. Cash for Gold was just a horrid experience and Goldfellows was almost as bad. My Gold paid me $629.00 and Paid me in 7 days.

  41. Judith Bryden Says:

    I sent in my gold to My Golden Envelope in November , 1999 and have received nothing from them. I used the gold tracking number and it does not exist. Why do these people continue to get away with this? I am sure that any positive remarks came from the people in their company. What can I do to prosecute them? Surely this is illegal.

  42. Judith Bryden Says:

    I sent in the envelope with my gold in November 1999. I was given a tracking number. I have not received anything from them and the tracking number is non existant. Any positive remarks that have been written have to be sets ups by people in the company. How do I prosecute these people? How do they still get away with this??? My rating is really zero.

  43. joe Says:

    i wish i would have read this b4 i sent my moms earings rings and more trying to help me out and can’t get any responce its been 2 months now i just fill bad cus that jewlery ment something to my mom but wanted to help me and now got nothing

  44. john john Says:

    my gold envelope is a joke i sent my things to them and they sent me a check for one dollar (1) dollar lol i sent it back to them and im waiting for the return of my things ,its been over a month and 4 phone calls later still havnt got my stuff back ,had my things appraised befor i sent them to mge, was offered 300 hundred dollars i thought mge would give me more for they preach about paying top dollar lol lol , maybe one from the bottom of the pile they built from ripping people off ,i get all kind of excuses and im sorries from thes people but never my things , i guess thats the new way to rob folks ,just tell them to mail you all their valuables lol that gets them out of a breaking and entering charge lol , no stars from me its all a scam

  45. Tarri Says:

    ADD ME TO THE LIST of ripped off customers!

    Same identical thing happened to me as all the other complaints here.

    Sent in my gold and got a PATHETIC check for a couple of bucks. Called to complain and they “counter offered” TRIPLE the amount (which was STILL pathetic). When I never got the add’l check, I called them back and got the generic, rehearsed “glitch/mistake happened” excuse & that my gold was ACCIDENTALLY MELTED. Promised me (yeah, right) they’d send the add’l check. To date, I’ve never gotten it. WHAT A RIPOFF!

    It’s not just MYGOLDENVELOPE either – they’re the 2nd one of these online “cash-for-gold” businesses I’ve dealt with. NEVER AGAIN!

    Just know that if you deal with this these scammers, YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF!

    How many more testimonials do you need?????

  46. M. O'Malley Says:

    Mailed the envelope, got no response, nothing in return, thankfully it had ONLY been gold fillings/crowns. Really disappointed.

  47. sciantel Says:

    my gold envelope is definitely a scam. I sent in my gold because they promised to give me $20 for sending it to them. I waited over 6 weeks and then finally called to see what the delay weas. Get this. They said my gold was worth nothing. I know for a fact I sent some gold coins which were worth me at least getting the $20 for my effort. But they said if I wanted any of it back to send them $10. I am going to the better business beuro because that is a fraud in my book!

  48. Pam Says:

    Lord I wish that I had read other people issues before I mailed my gold in to mygoldenvelope. The same thing is happing to me right now. I was not pleased with the $43.31 check that they finalley sent me. I called them the same day to tell them that I was not pleased with the offer. The young lady then asked me would I accept $63.31. I then replied No. I had already had my jewelry appraised and one watch along was worth $500.00. Like everyone else I did not take pictures of the contines. She told me that the watch had no vaule and the earrings were fake. It’s been six weeks now and I still have not got my property back in my possiation. Maybe if we print all of these bad experiences about this company and file a class action suit against them we can shut this scam, fraud. misrepersented company down. No STAR to rate for a bogus company.

  49. james alexander Says:

    i just sent two phones over 6 weeks ago and just found out that i might not get anything back for them wow this wasnt very clear in the t and c (terms and conditions) i am very upset that i paid over 400.00 for these phones yeah they might be two yrs old but if im not getting paid then i want them back! so protect your self dont send them anything they have lost there bbb credits. that worries me even more who do i call to complain about them if i dont get money for them?

  50. Melinda Says:

    i cannot track my g pak its so frustrating, it tells me it does not exist? anybody else have this problem?????

  51. Tara Lunsford Says:

    Dont believe the hype! It only took 3 days for me to receive the envelope to send in 4 cell phones but they claim it took over 2 weeks for them to receive my shipment. The tracking number doesnt work and every time I spoke with a different representative I kept getting various turn around times for payment and or notification. Not one representative contacted me via email or phone to update me on whats going on. I had to become a stalker and call them several times a week just to find out they have changed policy yet again. If someone sold me a car they wouldnt want to hear I let you know about payment in 2-3 weeks over and over again. Im at the point now just send me back my phones.

  52. Wow Says:

    Well, I’m sure glad to read this before sending anything to them. Thanks..

  53. Katy Says:

    i sent in 2 gold watches both were 18k and a 24k neckalce and a 10k bracelet wich i had took to a pawn shop and they said all of it was worth hundreds of dollars and i got a check back for $5.68 so i called an no one answered once they answered they said to send the check back and they’ll happily send my jewlery back so i sent the check and 4 weeks later i called back and they said they didn’t receive a thing and that they had already melted it all so they gave me a tripple offer in total makes $15 wich is worth nothing to me now!! and now i wish i hadn’t sent in anything and read these comments first.

  54. Tracie Says:

    I sent in many cell phones to this company about a month ago. I put in my tracking number and it says it doesn’t exist!!! Thank you so much mygoldenvelope

  55. Steven Says:

    I am also a victim of this so called mygoldenvelope, my gold and my cell gone with the wind . Folks i have one solution that will take MGE
    down for good . I sent my back in may and still have not head nothing from these theifs , i have filed a complaint with FTC and BBB in Washington DC and my US house of representative here in GA . Trust me guys i will see to it that all MGE OWNERS and employees spend the rest of their lives behind bars . MGE i hope you are reading this message your scamming days are getting nearer . I will also call CNN and other NEWS media to warn other people before the become victimize by this gold rush robbers.

  56. Jasmine Says:

    I just recently sent my 3 phone’s to my gold envelope and havent recieved anything yet. I am hoping that i get a good sum of money. From reading these responses, you can’t get your items back if you dont like the price they give you?. Is there a better place where i could see my phones and get a better price for them?
    Thank you.

  57. Renee Says:

    I went through dold $100 18k necklace and a sterling silver thick chain only recived $18 are you kidding me? Then I went through and NEVEr recived any $$ for my chains/braclet. Don’t waste your time or your $$ this is a scam!!!

  58. Bradford Burnett Says:

    Your business is such a scam.. I sent in 5 cell phones over a month ago and finally called and the person I talked to said they had been salvaged.. But in your ad you stated if the consumer wasn’t satifised with the deal they would return the items.. I was told that you don’t return anything. So you burned me and proballied made a profit on it and I didn’t recieve crap for it.. You are nothing more than a rip off company that calling you a scam is putting it mildy..

  59. Colleen Says:

    ya know, i have been fighting w/these people for mounths. Not only do i have no money, i have no gold! when i call their “customer service” they tell me that ” their computer has a glitch”. So fix your “glitch”! please keep in mind, i have called them one a week for mounths…only to be told “we will call YOU when we issue a check for you”. Really? I (by the way) read the HOLE conditions part of the envolope. Here is my favorate part…first they told me that all the gold i sent in was worth 14.00! then they offerd me 42.00 to keep it! keep in mind there where rings & earring with jewels in them. oh! if i agreed the will melt the gold right away! what about the jewels…these people are theifs. Now customer service will not answer the phone and i have nothing at all. I will tell every-one who will listen about this company. some of those things where very hard to get rid of. when my grandmother passed away…her jewlry was given to me. most of it was broken, or missing a match. i wanted to keep it but my mom said i should hold on to it…that i could remember her with other things…so thanks. thanks alot for destoying something that could have been great.

  60. myra Says:

    I sent in a 400 diamond white gold necklace they wrote me a check for 2.34!!! I have people on craigslist wanting to look at it and I cant because I sent my check back, got lost, had to wait to get it voided, and shipping. I still do not have it this process has taken 3 months! ridiculous! do not do this!! people will call you from them if you have jewelry on CL saying you will get more than you are asking for it! SCAM SCAM SCAM

  61. Antoinette Burnsed Says:

    @ the end I sent a cell phone & some jewely & I had a friend try a test she said was true with gold & make up. It is if your skin turns black there is gold in it & her hand turned black. So i sent them in & its 10/13/10 I haven’t got anything yet & then they said if I want any of it back I will have to pay 10.00. So I think they are fakes

  62. wanda Says:

    I sent in 4 cell phones to the mygoldenvelope in june. I call today and found out that I won’t be getting any money back. The phones have to be 2 years or less older. They do not tell you that on the phone when you order your package. They don’t tell you that on the Tv either. So they are using the phones I sent but I don’t get the money for them because they are to old. They get the phones and after all this time of waiting and calling 5 or 6 times since june now they tell me no payment is coming in. So they are nothing but BIG LAIRS and using people for what they can get off of them. I hope these people can sleep at night knowing they are ripping people off that need that money.

  63. Joseph Says:

    I mailed a wedding band to MGE, expecting to receive up to $75 in return. I received a check for $10.43. When I called to tell them I would refuse the check, they doubled their offer to $20. I refused the offer and told them I would mail back the check. That was 7/11/10. It has now been two months and I haven’t received my ring back. I called today and was told they received my check on 8/32/10 and that my ring has been marked “for definite return”. The CS agent told me it would be shipped “soon” and that it would take 2-6 weeks for me to receive it. There is no way that their processing procedure should take so long and the U.S. mail never takes that long to move an envelope half-way across the country. I believe this is a scam. If I don’t receive my ring back I will file a complaint with the USPS for mail fraud.

  64. Tammy Says:

    Do not waste your time! Those who gave good reviews most likely work for the company! ‘My Gold Envelope’ should be shut down!
    I sent in a 300 dollar ring, and was offered 5.23! I have not received the ring back!
    We should file suit against this company! Turn them into the BBB.

    Shame on this company for taking advantage of people in these horrid economic times!

  65. Niki Ridge Says:

    I sold my old iphone and gold and it took a month for them to reply and i didnt even get my money they sent me a note saying i did not send them anything do not waste your money on that rip off there freakin liars and have no respect for others

  66. Greg Says:

    hey guys mygoldenvelope are SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im trying to get together some people to help me take down this company…i had sold my 100percent gold wedding ring worth over $10,000 and it took them 8 weeks to get back to me and i had only received $50 back in the mail!!!!! wtf is that!!!!!!!!! these guys have false advertisement and deserve to burn in hell!!!!!! who are these guys? please guys do not use this company because they are frauds and deserve nothing but bad karma! it always amazes me how people cant commit such unfair and cruel acts to normal citizens like us in which we work so hard for our money and when we try and get a little back we get screwed!!!!! i dont know what i did to deserve this but im very unhappy!…i will be launching a website soon as a protest against this company to shut them down!!!!!! you guys are welcome to join and support…i will be back to this site and post the website adress in about a 3 weeks…MYGOLDENVELOPE prepare to feel the wrath of the people you screwed over….i promise you that you will fail and face your punishment for cheating innocent people such as my self that work very hard for our money…thanks and relax for a while cause when this is over youll be somewhere where i hope to see you! :D

  67. Moneek Says:

    I sent my gold and cell phones in on 8/16/2010 and I have not heard from them yet. I called and they said that there was a high volume in cell phones that were sent in but that was a month ago. Now I can’t get in touch with no one. CASH FOR GOLD is a scam.

  68. midnight Says:

    my gold envelope has the worst service ever i sent in 4 cell phones 2 of them over a month ago and i have not heard anything back and everytime i call the amd ask them what’s taking so long they tell me to call back next week only to give me the sama bullshit story they need to be shut down they have the worst/slowest service ever i woul’dnt reccomen anyone sell anything to them MGE needs to be sued immediatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Alex_J_Leon Says:

    From the Terms:

    Except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions, MGE will have no liability to you whatsoever, whether arising in connection with your use of the MGE Web site, a G-PAK, loss of gold, jewelry or any other property or for any other reason, including, without limitation, MGE’s own acts or omissions. In no event will MGE’s liability to you exceed One-Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

    Specifically: ” including, without limitation, MGE’s own acts or omissions”

    Basically, MGE can steal your items and not be liable for their theft. If I incorporated myself could I then say I am not liable for any thefts I commit as this company says?

  70. emily Says:

    i sent my cell phones to my gold envelope they said on TV that they take cell phones so i sent my cells to them and it been three weeks now i did not get any cash or my phones back i was hoping for $20 i sent 9 cell phones to them <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> they said they would sent the cash in 24 hour its not right

  71. roshawnda Says:

    they are the worst…a month ago i sent in 6 cell phones and just last week they decided to tell me they just recieved the submission due to a back log of submissions..that’s not my fault..then on top of that they told me it wouldn’t be until the end of october maybe the beginning of november before i get a check..i told them that is false advistement and that it’s not stated on the website…please don’t waste your time..will update on what the check amount is..

  72. Benjamin P. Aumenta Says:

    I sent approximately three to four thousand dollars worth of gold and was told that my gold was lost or stolen by someone at the USPS.
    (If anyone cares to know how I arrived at those figures, I will be glad to explain. Just e-mail me at The items that i sent were family heirlooms.
    After several weeks, they got back to me and said that they will only send me One Hundred dollars and thats all that their insurance would pay.
    STAY AWAY from ALL companies like this. How the government lets them get away with this is beyond me.

  73. Ginny Says:

    Don’t bother .. I sent in my cell phone three weeks ago .. nothing in the mail .. I tried to track .. and it keeps saying the same thing .. received and graded .. but nothing comes in the mail .. I am so happy that I didn’t send in my gold .. I figured it was shady … Stay away from here …

  74. Eric Says:

    I really think this is a scam I sent in 4 phones 6 months ago, and they told me the phones was no value I know that cant be true cause I brought the phones brand new and all cost at least 200 or more. I brought the phones for me my kids and my wife and a week later decide to go with another company. When I seen the My gold envelope on tv I thought that might be good since the phones was just sitting up anyway, and I regret it. I’m not saying everybody goes threw this but please be aware before you send in your phones, if your at hard times and need money it might just be best to sell them to a friend or try to sell them to the store or you will be disappointed or at least get the full facts before sending.

  75. Anna Says:

    I am beginning to think everybody is right about this company and it’s only been a week and their customer service number is fake and the other customer service number is out of service. I wish I would of read these testimonials before I did it cuz there is some jewelry that means something to me plus I sent my old cell phone in. I was just looking to make some money so I can pay some bills off like eveeryone else. These giys must be a SCAM unless I hear from them with a decent check I will not change my experience with them

  76. Rick Says:


  77. ashley Says:

    Ya I feel cuz I did da same thing @2months ago and I still haven’t receive mi money.. I’m glade I have a job and wasn’t bankin on that check I just wanted extra money to go shoppin wit… but everytime I call don’t nobody answer…… NEVER AGAIN WILL I SEND ANYTHING TO THEM

  78. damonwsummers Says:

    i sent in 7 cell phones, theyrecieved them sep 21 . i called to see if they had recieved approx them ?2 weeks later they said the were going to evaluate them , and they would get back with me i called them 2weeks later they said that they were still evaluating them to just be patient and they were very rude and i called again today nov 17 2010 they said that they could not use them and the were going to be recycled my question is this if they werent going to be used why tell me to be patient why didnt they say this a month ago ? why did they say this now instead of a month ago i would have excepted it then but not now if there are any lawyers looking at this my number is 218-232-2230 give and tell me what you think

  79. damonwsummers Says:

    this my goldenvelope is a scam in my opinion i hope they do go out of busieness this busieness and every other like the government needs to put these people in jail for a very long time not in the cushy jail the one with lifers that are doing twenty to life i am very angry and hope to the good lord that they get whats comming to them all the way down to the guy or gal that opens and closes the doors there could be someones grandmother or like me disabled that is fighting to stay afloat financially that need the extra money to try to live a littlelonger


    Wooowwww. Ive worked with them before but i got a low amount, I was under the impression that it was not that much. After reading this I remember that the ring I sent a year ago was actually worth 2000 and I got 20 dollars for it. I let it go. I just sent another one to get rid of my ex’s jewerly, since I dont like seeing it around. I havent heard from them in about a month. I have a job so it doesnt really mean much to me. I just hope they dont just give me another plain 20 dollars again. I was going to go the pawn shop I always go to, they are awesome, but I didnt have time to go. Unfortunately I decided to go through this route again. The pawn shop would have given me like $120 for all of it, and I bet you anything that MGE will only give me ab out $20 or less. lol This is going to be a humorous experience.

    Ill try what one of the above guys tried. Call and complain, see if they can give me more. I know its worth over $400, since I bought it. lol

    Good luck to all, and good luck to myself. Ill stick to my pawn guys from now on.

  81. Eduardo Says:

    On October 22, 2010, I proceeded with the delivery of an envelope containing three (3) gold coins belonging to my family for over 60 years. On the aforementioned date, I deposited the sealed envelope in the drop-box of my former residence and waited for the confirmation response of the company regarding the arrival of the envelope and the appraisal of the content. However this never happened.
    For some unknown reasons, which the staff of MyGold Envelope was never able to explained, the package never arrived. I repeatedly called Customer Service of the company week after week trying to find out the status of my package. The staff always addressed to me nicely and polite but they never came up with a solution for my problem, blaming to possible USPS delays. Finally last week, more than 1 month later, a member of Customer Services recommended declaring the envelope as “lost” and filing a claim with the company.
    We assumed that the company, together with the USPS services, had a very secure and trustful system to pick-up and deliver the content of the envelopes. Now we know this is not the reality. The envelope was sent following the instructions provided in your web site and in the letter enclosed to the envelope. We always trusted the services and the procedure as described by MyGold Envelope through the TV Commercial and website for sale of gold, as reliable, easy and trouble-free. The procedure described in the TV and website commercials appeared to be as easy as to deposit the envelope in your residence drop-box and wait for the payment a few days later.
    I would never intend to use the services of MyGold Envelope again. It is true that someone from the USPS office may be responsible for my stolen property, but nonetheless there is a high risk involved in the services offered by MyGold Envelope, so high that me, being a first-time customer, experienced property theft in my first and last transaction with your company.

  82. vivian perez Says:

    my gold envelope are theifs!!! I did everything needed to mail my items to them. They received my cells phones but not my gold…hmm. Fishy to me. I am pissed off that they took my gold and take no responsibility. Stay away from them. How is it that I sent my items in the same envelope.. Cell phone in one plastic bag and Gold in another plastic bag But they did not receive anything???? STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. tiffany Says:


  84. kita Says:

    I’m starting to believe everyone else about this company too. I’ve sent them 5 cellphones on Nov. 6th. gave them to the mailman myself.when I called them about a month ago, an associate or whatever you want to called them told me that they received my cellphones 10 days after I mailed them out. she told me to be patient because they had such a high demand of the cellphones and to just keep calling and checking on them periodically. well as a lot of other people, I still haven’t heard anything yet and I just tried to call them tonight Dec.17th and I didn’t hear a recording, a live person or anything. this is a huge warning to anyone and everyone who look at their commercial and think this is legit,take it from someone who knows first hand don’t I repeat don’t do it take your phones to someone else that’s legit. Ihad to learn the hard way.

  85. Angelique Says:

    I mailed off 2 of my cell phones to this piece of crap place, thinking I would get a decent amount of money for them. These cell phones were very old, and of no use to me at all, so I really didn’t care for them. But the fact is, I want some money from these idiots for sending off the phones in the first place! I mailed them off about 3 weeks ago, and have yet to see any money from them! So, i figure it’s all BS and one big SCAM!

  86. Rebecka Says:

    unfortunatly i have no idea what rateing to put. I like most probably had no gold but i saw the cell phones division ad and decided to try it out i sent 4 cell phones in on November 4th, 2010. I have called numerous times and each time they said it should be deliverd by December 27th due to the enormous response from its customers. So i waited and waited and waited. it is now Decemebr 27th. I have yet to recieve any form of notification that they have even mailed it back yet. And more good news aparently ther only doing e-mails for that division now. So of course i wrote an email but im still waiting in fact i called the only number i could call and that was for the gold division im currently waiting to speak with the manager and its been about 30 mins or so of just waiting because ther was no one else i could talk to. So ill write what the final outcocme is later. but so far my gold envelope is proving to be just another company out to screw you over. So i guess what im trying to say is if your considering doing this make sure your sure. Ive been waiting over 2mnths and still havnt recieved anything.

  87. Raheem Says:

    Here i am finding myself feeling very ridiculous after reading all of the comments left by those who have fallen victim to “my gold envelpoe” just as i have … i sent in over 10 phones from blackberries , pc smart phones to handhelds . I have received nothing !!! I sent an email yesterday thinking that with my “stern” email they will see that I am not a push over … but on the contrary i have not only been pushed but thrown and ran over . I can see them now just having one BIG laugh at our expense . i would love to join any protest of any sort that is already in motion against MGE and bring their business to a haulting stop !!! and if by chance no one has the galls to start a protest then allow me to be the one to start one !!! right now starting with all of you who have been robbed !!! i have had enough for today … message for MGE i will be in touch .

  88. lyle Says:

    i sent a sample if platinum to my gold envelope in the beginning of december.they i had to email them after 2 months to see what was going on….i never recieved any word from them at all…they told me when i called that my stuff had no monetary value,when i asked for them to return my stuff,,,they replied to me that they already recycled my stuff since i never got ahold of them….well i waited for a response by mail or even be email…they never sent me anything….they told me it was my fault because i didnt call them in the timeframe they gave me….the only email they sent was that they were overwhelmed with orders at the moment and they would send me a letter….they never did,,,now they wont answer my calls or emails….and they told me they are not giving my platinum back or will they compensate me for my loss because of their incompetance…how am i supposed to know what is going on if they never contact me….when i asked for my stuff back by friday.they waited till that friday and melted it instead of sending it back to me…i sent them a email telling them i wanted it back since they never answered me…and they supposedly recycled it…and nobody will help me…not the b.b.b. or any other place will answer me on this.i was robbed and never even sent a email….MY GOLD ENVELOPE WILL ROB YOU.AND THEN SAY ITS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH THEM….IT IS A BIG SCAM AND IM OUT ALOT OF MONEY FOR TRUSTING A AMERICAN COMPANY THAT IS SUPPOSED TO HELP FELLOW AMERICANS

  89. boby arocho Says:

    i sand 4phone to you company to and i don’t not rec/notthin form you my email is think you..

  90. Parker Says:

    Please! Please! “BEWARE of My Gold Envelope” They are stealing from people. I sent in a 999. 8oz. Silver Bar. A check was mailed to me for $24.13….What a joke!!. I asked for my item be return back to me. “NO RETURN” its been 6 months now….still no Silver Bar back to me…..They “STEAL”…….BEWARE….We need to file a class action suit.

  91. debbie york Says:

    i sent these people seven cell phones and it has been almost a year and nothing happened so i would so not bring gold, or any thing to the people they are a “RIPPED OFF’”

  92. Denise Geisler Says:

    I’m on the verge of contacting proper authorities, BBB, & an attorney in the family in order to HANG these crooks in court if they don’t come through with the money for the gold I sent. I have the tracking # & their address. Be careful in sending anything in the mail & certainly not to this company as far as I can see!!!

  93. Elizabeth Barnes Says:

    I have send off some of my old jewelry, to mygoldenvelope about 2 years ago and I never did, get anything back. If they don’t send me, my money, I will sue them, permantly. They have no right, to do this to anyone. I will sue them, for a very large sum, if they will just send us, the money, they owe everyone. They do deserve to be sued. I had sent some old cell phones to them and they told me, ‘ it will take alittle longer.’ I have waited WAY too long for this. We have to do something, to keep them, from not sending us, the money, we deserve. I think I do have the right to say, to them, ” They have no right , to do this, to anyone. ” I’m broke and I need the money. I do’nt work because it’s getting harder to get a job. E.B

  94. Rachel Beatty Says:

    A scam I sent them 3 cell phones and they sent me back 3 different phones. I did take pictures of the phoes that I sent them and I am taking this further. um um um

  95. DOUG ST, CLAIR Says:


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