My Gold Party

My Gold Party is being marketed as “modern Tupperware parties.” At the time of this post, gold was priced at $1150.90 per ounce. This high price has proved lucrative to both sellers and buyers.

Here’s how MyGoldParty describes their business:

Everyone loves parties and now you have a fun way to enjoy an evening with friends letting them leave with some extra spending money, while making money of your own for hosting the event….

They have a few other options on their website: Host A Party, Become A Rep and Sell Gold.


2 Reviews for “My Gold Party”

  1. Jim Zavell Says:

    Great company with exceptional customer service! I have reccomended this entity to my peers and colleagues.

  2. Chel Says:

    How does this work? Do I get my friwends all together? Is there anything additional things that that happen? When we have avon tupperware, partylite, etc. They all have games and door prizes and things like that. Might just do it in Michigan

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