Red Swan


Red Swan is owned by Lippincott, LLC — which also owns the well known

Most of the complaints about Red Swan is their advertising, service and refund policies.  Other than these issues, the company is legitimate and BBB accredited.

They also have an opportunity for a “gold party.” Typically, a gold party is where mostly women will bring their jewelry to one of their friend’s house and get their jewelry appraised.  In this case, Red Swan would come to the house and conduct the appraisals.

The host would also receive commission on all of the jewelry sold.  Typically, commission could be anywhere from 5-20% of what the jewelry is appraised at.

2 Reviews for “Red Swan”

  1. Joey Says:

    Redswan offered us less then half of what the local jewelry store did. They are a joke, do not send your jewelry there!

  2. dave Says:

    They are a joke. I mailed in some jewelry, and they offered half too.

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