Sell Gold is ran by does list the prices they are willing to pay for gold, silver and platinum.

However, the prices shown on the website are only applicable if the consumer sends in at least 10 ounces of a certain precious metal.  It is unlikely a consumer would be sending in more than a few ounces — especially of gold since gold is approximately $950/ounce.

In summary, Sell Gold is BBB accredited, but we find their listed prices unreasonable.

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  1. sulkysquid Says:

    I recently tried to sell some jewelry I had via the internet with I got my package in the mail very fast & sent the jewelry: 2 rings, one valued at $1250 and one at $200, at chains: one at $399 and one at $200. The check I received was less than 1/15 the value of the products total. I consider this to be a total ripoff.

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