Silver And Gold Exchange appears to be a newer site focusing on purchasing gold and other precious metals.  They also clearly write what they are able to pay for jewelry on their site.

I’ve recently contacted their president, Mike Ferreira.  He wrote the following:

We [Silver And Gold Exchange] have NEVER had a single complaint about our company and as a matter of fact, since we show our pricing per gram on our website, as of this writing, we have not had a single instance where we have had a customer ask us to return their merchandise, except for ONE person who sent us a box of silver plated items.

They’ve recently obtained a BBB accreditation to prove their reliability to their customers.

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  1. Gold Party Time Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree on this point.

  2. Chris Nielsen Says:

    I have also been in communication with the owner of Silver and Gold Exchange, and I was impressed with the way they do business and decided to join their affiliate program. I have worked in the gold industry before so I have some background in it. I would not work with any company that I did not feel comfortable with, and they seem to run they business with honesty and customer service as I would. And they are now a member of the Better Business Bureau.

    If you visit their site you will see they take a lot of effort to educate the customer since an unhappy customer is bad for business.

  3. Marcie Behrens Says:

    I sent some items to the Silver and Gold Exchange and I received an email in 3 days letting me know how much silver I had sent them and what the payment would be. Then, they asked how I would like my payment processed. I looked a long time to find a reputable company and found this company has Better Business Bureau accreditation. I would recommend this company to anyone. They are friendly and professional. If you are looking for a place to sell your gold, silver, or other precious metals please consider sending your items to this company. I will be sending more items to them in the future.

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