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UPDATE: It appears that US Gold Buyers is a scam. We have received one complaint about the company, and then shortly after we received a review that we were able to trace back to their own company’s location. US Gold Buyers appeared to have reviewed themselves. We recommend that customers of this company are very cautious while sending in their scrap metal.

USGoldBuyers (or US Gold Buyers, Inc.) is a BBB accredited business. The reason their rating is not higher is because they’ve only been accredited since 2/26/2008.

They are also very transparent about how much they are willing to pay for gold on their website.  Silver and platinum, on the other hand, do not have listed prices.  This makes this company appear legitimate.  Unless you had large quantities of either silver, platinum or another precious metal, I would request a free gold kit from another website.

US Gold Buyers contact information:

Name: US Gold Buyers, Inc. (or Skyline Gold Buyers, Inc.)
Phone: (877) 977-4653
Fax: (201) 644-8681
Address: 350 Ramapo Valley Road, Suite 18-145
Oakland, NJ 07436
Original Business Start Date: October 2006
Contact: Ms. Anna Skvir, President
Email Address:

There is a dispute below, primarily about pricing, having to pay shipping for the items to be returned, and breaking jewelry. Customer service did nothing to resolve the issue.

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  1. Elizabeth Davis Says:

    DO NOT SEND USGB ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SCRAP. I sent scrap gold and two vintage watches to US Gold Buyers on May 1, 2009. They were prompt in giving me pricing and payment for the gold. However, I did not accept the prices on the watches, so asked that they be returned. The vintage watches were returned to me taken apart, with pieces missing — and I did have to pay for the return shipping. When I contacted them about this situation, they claimed their records showed they did not dis-assemble the watches, so there was nothing they would do to remedy the situation. I as able to re-assemble one watch, but the other, which is worth several thousand dollars, is now missing a part. Even though they encourage people to send in jewelry that is not scrap, I would encourage people to ONLY send them scrap that cannot be damaged.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Have you filed a complaint with the BBB? Most companies have better customer support when they’re afraid you’ll turn them over to the BBB. No company wants to risk losing Accreditation.

  2. Peter Barker Says:

    I’m not sure if I’d believe or trust those negative reviews because I just finished selling my gold to US GOLD BUYERS AND THEY PAID ME TOP DOLLAR$ FOR MY GOLD! I shopped online for a week or so and got price quotes from various gold buyers. Then I decided to walk into their main office located in the Diamond District in Midtown Manhattan and met with one of their professional staff members. He was very courteous/explained everything in detail (how most gold buyers rip you off!) and offered me $175 more than other previous gold buyers! I got back $823 in cash within minutes of giving me a price quote. US GOLD BUYERS ARE THE BEST! SERIOUSLY!!

  3. Anica Says:

    US GOLD “B.S.”ers! O NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS! I shipped a ring to sell, only because I received a decent buyback quote in writing. I was told my diamond would NOT be taken out of the setting. When I received a call back offer, I was given an offer of HALF the original quote. I told them I wanted my ring shipped back immediately. I had an agent call me back and berrade me for 10 minutes, yelling because I would not let him soak my diamond in acid, and sell him my ring for 1/4 the appraisal value. The ring was shipped and the BANDS WERE taken apart. My stomach sank! The diamond looks nothing like the diamond I shipped. I now have to file a police report and have my insurance investigate. I called him on the issue and how the diamond looks different and scratched. He said “ya ya, see you in court”. IF YOU SEE A US GOLD BUYER AGENT..RUN!

  4. Lisa in GA Says:

    I decided to use US Gold Buyers because of their reputation. I received a phone the same day they received my shipment and they offered me roughly $500 for 2 necklaces, 1 bracelet, and 1 ring. I am very happy and will definitely recommend them.

  5. Tina N Says:

    I had an excellent experience with US Gold Buyers and I will be dealing with them again.

  6. marc Says:

    i called one buyer and asked him to convert grams into dwt (penny weight), after few minutes he hang up on me. i called back another buyer started playing with me over the phone. he gave me two different prices. when i asked why he hang up. i strongly suggest that the president of this company is made aware of the situation. i have a gut feeling that the president Anna Skvir does not know what some of the buyers are doing. it is my gut feeling that some of the buyers don’t know what they are doing.use the following formule:spot rate divide by 24 karat=result multiply by whatever karat of gold you are selling (18k, 14k, 10k) times (multiply) by oz.= raw metal value. 1 gram of gold equals 4.211 oz equals

  7. JACK Says:


  8. alex Says:

    i just shipped 204dwt 14kt, 44Dwt of 10 kt, 24dwt of platnum. pay was $8900.00 this is the 6 shippment sent i would say they pay about 90 % of market. it is fair but they will make any where from 800$ to 1000$ on large lots like this but it is fair becuse of the short tie frame and fed x if you have small lot bring it to them personaly . i would be willing to bet the payout is good.

  9. Jamie Says:

    I’ve used USGB 7 times so far & will be sending the 8th FedEx to them today – I’ve always gotten a reasonably fair price. They do come in a little farther from spot than I’d like, but my experience has been around 90% of spot for the 98% I should be getting. There is always some variance in the actual gold content of jewelry (14k is supposed to be 58.5% pure but I’ve had pieces tested locally that came back at 50% after the assay). I know for sure that there is some variance in the gold percentage in jewelry.

    All in all this is a good deal for consumers since refinery prices are usually only available to people with a LARGE quantity of gold.

    I will keep using their service as I’ve had consistently good experiences… Others may have different opinions, but USGB has always been pretty straight with me.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    I have sent USGB a few packages in the last two months. I have had nothing but good luck with this company. The process is easy and is always the same. I send them the gold, they call me when they receive it, I agree with the price, and they send me payment. I have never sent them intact valuables though, so I can not contest to their processing of rings and watches. For scrap gold they are awesome!

  11. Jill Row Says:

    I have sent 3 packages to US Goldbuyers over the past year and a half, and had great experiences every time. I got a great payoff, and was really happy. They are honest, and very professional. Every time I have spoken to someone on the phone, they’ve been great. I suspect the competition, who are not reputable like Cash for Gold, are behind the so called scam, and trying to steer business there way. I will be sending more in soon, and I have no reservations in doing so.

  12. Paul Says:

    Be careful….weigh your solid gold before sending it. I thought they under weighed my gold and under paid. They told me that the gold content was less than the 14k and 18k I sent. Also – demand that they NOT melt it to determine the carat content. Their web site says that they have a sophisticated process to determine the gold content. They also state that you can have your items returned within 15 days if not satisfied. HOWEVER, they pressure you to melt it down becasue “it’s the only way to properly identify the gold content.” If you’re not happy after it’s melted – too bad.

  13. Ellis Blankenship Says:

    US Gold may be good for individuals, but if you are a business buying gold run. I tried to do business with them and on two occasions they called me with less weight and an analysis that was much lower than the average should be for Karat. They paid me more than $3,000 less on two occasions than I should have received. I have trained gold buyers working for me and these people clipped me twice. My lawyers are working with NYC to investigate and hopefully expose these people. I
    really wanted to trust these people.

  14. Ash Says:

    I had used this company in the past and always felt like they were legit and fair. Then I sent them my largest lot of gold yet, roughly $2,600 worth (based upon their websites listed payout). They called me immediately upon receiving the package, told me that they “had bad news” most of what I sent was not gold, offered me $1,525. The customer service rep then argued with me on the phone, got very short and tried talking over me. All I kept saying was just send my gold back. I kept telling him I did not want to argue. He was very rude and pushy and I will NEVER do business with them again. Its unfortunate because I always felt as though they were a good company to do business with. Stay away!

  15. rick johnston Says:

    US Gold Buyers did me no favors. I had dental gold, nine crowns weighing 6.17293 dwt (pennyweight). I multiplied the weight by their stated payout amount and expected to receive about $260.00 for my gold. Their rep called the next day and offered me $159.00. I refused their offer. To ship the gold back to me I was given a choice. I could pay $10 for fedex or they would ship the gold for free by the mail with no insurance. If I chose the mail they would need a signed statement from me excusing them of any responsibly if the gold was lost or damaged. I decided to ship by fedex and paid the $10 charge to them. My experience with them was not pleasant. I do not think that US Gold Buyers is a very good place to trust when selling your unwanted gold…

  16. Dave Weaver Says:

    I sent US Gold Buyers 17 troy ounces of sterling silver and they called me when they received my shipment. They offered me $341 when spot closed around $36. I refused their offer because I didn’t think it was enough. The salesman was rude and argumentative. He said that I didn’t know that troy ounces were different and that I only had 12 troy ounces of sterling. I have been buying silver since 1980, but they don’t know who they are dealing with on the phone. In my book, they are a scam. They did return my silver intact after I sent them a check to cover shipping and insurance. I would not trust them again.

  17. Jerry Marzinsky Says:

    A SCAM AND A RIP OFF from my experience. Do not believe the pricing of anything they tell you that is not actually posted on their site. I made the mistake of believing them and not doing my own research and they charged me $900 OVER what the piece was actually worth. They do not post prices on certified coins and this is where they get you if you believe the prices they quote. They have a nice website but are rotten to the core, I would not deal with them again ever.

  18. tina adams Says:

    I have used usGold buyers about 5 times and was treated fair and i never had any problems at all..i was leary at first but after couples times dealing with them ..i felt that they was prety honest with me..ill do bussiness again..

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